Professor George L Benwell
Dean, Otago Business School

Where will my Otago degree take me?

This is a common question if you’re considering tertiary education. We know from experience that there are countless jobs business graduates are suited to because of the specialist nature of their business education. In addition, the general skillset and knowledge Otago Business School graduates develop during their studies helps them in a broader range of career options. Our graduates are adventurous, entrepreneurial, sociable and independent thinkers, making them highly employable, and respected individuals.

The Otago Business School’s flagship qualification is the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree. Within the BCom there are eight different business disciplines in which you can specialise or major. This booklet showcases 32 different graduate profiles – four from each discipline. It provides a small insight into the variety of roles you can aspire to should you decide to study business at the University of Otago.

Many of our graduates profiled have completed double majors (two areas of expertise within their degree), which enhances their Otago experience and equips them with more knowledge and skills to offer potential employers. Others have completed a postgraduate qualification or double degree (such as a Science or Humanities degree in addition to their BCom). For those students their employment prospects and their earning potential are usually much greater.

Some disciplines within the Business School, such as Information Science and Economics, are offered as a Business degree as well as Science or Humanities degrees. This provides you with the flexibility to focus your studies in an area that best matches your long-term career aspirations.

The Otago Business School is proud of its graduates and works very hard to ensure our qualifications, facilities and academic staff are world class. We are however aware that the key factor in the employment equation is YOU! We can pass on knowledge and equip you with skills for a successful career. But ultimately your motivation, drive and personality will be what not only helps you complete your degree, but helps secure that all important first graduate job. And will continue to assist you as you progress throughout your career.

Make sure you talk to us about assistance with preparing your CV and interview skills. Take part in the additional activities available – internships (gain valuable work experience), Audacious (develop your own business), business case competitions, student groups focused on working in the community, our student organisations including OCOM, Te Tai Tuara and AIESEC. All of these activities help you prepare for your future career, and showcase yourself to prospective employers.

I hope you find the following profiles interesting, and that they help you consider where you might develop your career. I invite you to seek out further information about our business qualifications, extracurricular opportunities, and other graduate profiles via our website. I also encourage you to speak with the University’s schools’ liaison team when considering your study options.