Degree Structure

The programme offers courses in the core areas of accounting and business including ethical, social and environmental issues that affect business practices. Students complete 10 x 20 point taught papers plus a 40 point applied project.

ACTP 411 – Auditing Practice
The nature and purpose of auditing, and the regulatory and professional environment in which it operates.

ACTP 412 – Taxation Practice
Elements of taxation, direct and indirect taxation for individuals and other entities in New Zealand

ACCT 403 – Financial Accounting
An applied approach to the issues underlying financial accounting and reporting.

ACCT 406 – Accounting Information Systems
An advanced study of the implication of AIS design, operation and control for accountants, auditors and managers, using in-depth case studies to develop practical familiarity with the issues arising.

ACCT 409 – Management Accounting
An applied approach to the development of management accounting data.

ACCT 421 – Financial Accounting
The mechanics of financial accounting, the accounting environment and professional standards. Basic accounting concepts, principles, and reporting with applications to actual business settings.

ACCT 422 – Management Accounting
Understanding, production and use of management accounting information, including cost behaviour, budgeting, variances and performance evaluation, relevant costs for decision making, pricing, product costing, treatment of overhead and allocations.

ACCT 423 – Finance
An introduction to finance by examining the theory and application of why and how financial decisions are made.

ACCT 429 – Commercial Law
An introduction to New Zealand’s legal framework and the law relating to commercial transactions, different forms of business and the legal requirements relating to these organisations.

BSNS 401 – The Environment of Business & Economics
Provides exposure to multi-cultural and international influences on business and global economics, including communications, governance, accountability and ethics. Designed to develop skills for graduates working in all international environments.

BSNS 501 – Applied Project
Investigation of a problem at a critical and analytical level, backed by appropriate literature from applied and academic literature.